About St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

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About St. Albert for St. Albert, Alberta and Area

When you want to know St. Albert, Alberta

Overview of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

St. Albert is a city in Alberta, located northwest of Edmonton, on the Sturgeon River. It was originally settled as a French Catholic community, and is now an affluent, predominantly white suburb.

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  • Population: 56,310 (2005)
  • Population Density: 550 /km²
  • Area: 34.61 km²
  • Latitude: 53°37? N
  • Longitude: 113°37?W
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Time Zone: Mountain
  • Language: English
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History of St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert was founded in 1861 by Father Albert Lacombe, who built a chapel in the Sturgeon River valley. The chapel in a historic site and can be visited, it's next to the old catholic church. Although it maintains the image of a French Catholic community, the city has grown and diversified to the point where that description no longer describes St. Albert.

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St. Albert's Demographics

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St. Albert's Climate

Winter in St. Albert is characterized by clear skies, low humidity and mild winds. On a typical midwinter/January day, the average temperature is -11° C and there is an average of 27 centimetres of snow covering the ground. Summers are usually warm, with daytime temperatures averaging 22 ° C and evening temperatures cooling to a pleasant 11 ° C. Spring and autumn are often the most enjoyable seasons, with mild temperatures and ample sunshine.

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Education in St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert is an anomaly in that the Catholic school district is the public system, and the Protestant school district is separate. In all other areas of Alberta this is reversed, the public system is either Protestant (taught in a non-denominational setting) or non-religious.

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Transportation around St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert Transit provides regular service within St. Albert as well as into Edmonton. St. Albert Transit provides regular service to Edmonton so that all points within the City of Edmonton can be accessed by transferring to the Edmonton Transit System. There is no extra charge for transferring to the City of Edmonton Transit.

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Tourism and Attractions of St. Albert

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Surrounding Communities

  • St Albert
  • Morinville
  • Namad
  • Calahoo
  • Villeneuve

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Geography of St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert is located adjacent to north Edmonton. Edmonton`s downtown core is 20 minutes from St. Albert via the St. Albert Trail and Yellowhead Highway.

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St. Albert's Government

Residents of St. Albert elect the mayor and six councillors for a three-year term of government. The positions held by the councillors are part-time, while the mayor works at city hall on a full-time basis.

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St. Albert's Economy and Industry

St. Albert in recent years has developed a diversified economic base. Besides serving as a service centre to residents of St. Albert and the surrounding area, it has developed a strong light industrial and warehousing base with an expanded focus on technology firms. Some of the other major areas of economic activity include construction and plastics.

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St. Albert's Culture and Significant Events

At present, the city plays host to the Northern Alberta International Children`s Festival, the annual Kinsmen Rainmaker Rodeo, the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival, various plays and musical performance at the Arden Theatre as well as a thriving weekly farmers` market (one of the largest in Western Canada) outside City Hall in the summer months.

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Sports in St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert has two twin arenas. The Akinsdale and Kinex Arena is open from October to April, while the Campbell Twin Arenas is open year round. The arenas accommodate programs offered by minor hockey, adult recreation, figure and power skating clubs, Ringette and Lacrosse Associations.

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Media of St. Albert

The two widely distributed newspapers published in St. Albert are The St. Albert Gazette and The Saint City News.

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